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With the CONNECT App from Deutsche Telekom you always have the best Internet connection

With the CONNECT App from Deutsche Telekom you always have the best Internet connection. The app connects your smartphone with the Internet automatically and securely. In doing so, based on your personal settings and additional factors, it chooses intelligently between LTE and Deutsche Telekom HotSpots. This enables you to save your data volume if you wish or to always surf with the best connection. Thanks to optional VPN 🔐, you have a secure Internet connection.

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• Automatic login to Deutsche Telekom HotSpots and WLAN TO GO

• Secure surfing in public Wi-Fi networks thanks to optional VPN

• Surf via the app on five devices simultaneously

• Interruption-free switch between networks as well as LTE & Wi-Fi

• Surf in more than two million HotSpots & WLAN TO GOs when on the move in Germany

• Save your mobile data volume by automatically connecting to Deutsche Telekom HotSpots nearby

Simple use 🎚

After initial setup, the app automatically connects to the best network and chooses independently between LTE and Deutsche Telekom HotSpots. You can determine easily in the settings whether the app should optimize with regard to data volume or speed.

Security 🛡

To protect your personal data, CONNECT App allows you to enable a VPN tunnel when using unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks. This ensures ideal security at all times and lets you enjoy your flatrate with no worries at all.

Data consumption

With the "Prefer Wi-Fi" option, the CONNECT App optimizes your data connection to use up as little data as possible via LTE. This saves your mobile data volume and ultimately saves you money, too 💰.

Speed 🥇

With the "Best Connection" option, the CONNECT App optimizes your data connection for optimum speed. This means you can always surf in the mobile Internet with the best connection.

Important: With Magenta / Telekom tariffs without a HotSpot flatrate, the automatic login function may incur additional costs. More information about this is available at www.hotspot.de. You need a Telekom / Magenta mobile phone or fixed-line contract in order to use the app. You can also use the app with the WLAN TO GO function.


Telephone: We need to access your telephone to determine whether you are a Deutsche Telekom customer and to display your data consumption.

Location: We need access to your location in order to show you available networks nearby.

VPN: Necessary for making secure connections in public Wi-Fi networks.


We look forward to hearing what you think on Google Play. You can also send e-mails to ConnectApp@telekom.de. We appreciate your feedback − it helps us make the app better.

We hope you enjoy the app!

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